Former McDonald's Execs Plan Healthy Fast Food Chain

Two veteran executives from McDonald's are starting Lyfe Kitchen ("Love Your Food Everyday"), a "fast-casual" restaurant chain featuring healthy food choices. Butter, cream and high-fructose corn syrup will be "banned," and none of the food will be fried.



I think the executives for this restaurant have good intentions, but Im not convinced that Lyfe kitchen will be a success. One reason being the fact that many people are not going to care and still prefer McDonalds. Some people view fatten foods as are being more tasty than healthy, so they are still going to want to go to McDonalds. Another concern that I have with Lyfe kitchen is some of the ingredients that they completely cut out. Many ingredients are fine in moderation and have health benefits. For instance, they said that all their desserts would be dairy free. I find this to be a little extreme because dairy products have a number of health benefits when consumed in moderation. Also, a light use of high fructose corn syrup can be better than a large amount of pure sugar. I think healthy dishes can be made without completely cutting out such ingredients as corn syrup and butter.


I agree with Nicole for the most part but I think they still have a great shot at it and this could be very successful if done right which they will since they know the business..I wouldn't mind to have one location in one of our stores if design is acceptable..


I think Nicole is making a good point about amount of ingredients being the true source of unhealthy lifestyle. I think that a healthy fast food substitute could be very popular though. In my experience fast food is bought when there isn't time to make something better. With a healthy chain of fast food I could make the better choice on the go and I think many people would also make the same choice.


I agree with Nicole too. However, a concern I have is, with this being a "healthy" fast food chain, what will the PRICES be like? The more affluent are always harping on those who eat at fast food chains or those who buy processed foods. But the fact of the matter is, those foods are cheaper than what the affluenet consider "healthy" and most of us middle class income folks can't afford to go buy "healthy" when we're on fixed incomes, one income, and/or have large families to feed.

So the REAL solution to this would be to find a GOOD way to bring costs of the healthier foods down so EVERYONE can enjoy them.


The reality is that if a healthier fast food chain comes, will people actually go. Healthy often means that the prices are much more higher because the ingredients are much less processed. What makes mcdonalds such a powerful company is because the prices are extremely cheap. I do think its a step in the right direction.


I think this would be a great idea! The vegan and vegan-ish lifestyle is slowly converting more and more people that I know! I have even considered it myself. I think this chain could prove to be successful if they can construct a tasty, yet still cheap, menu that is just as quick as McDonalds. It is not true when people say that all food that is healthy for you doesn't taste very good. It is true however, that if you do not know how to cook the vegan food right, it won't be as tasteful as it could be. Being that the creators of this Vegan business are vegetarians their selves, I trust they already know how to properly combine and construct tasty meals for us. Like i mentioned above though, can they deliver this tasty, healthy business at a quick and cheap rate like McDonalds does? If they expect to compete with fast-food, they will have to meet or beat their prices and convenient quickness in order to survive in this dog eat dog business.


I would love to see more vegan and vegetarian options out there in the world. I think this is a great idea, especially considering they will ban high fructose corn syrup. I think it's great goal for a restaurant to create healthy options. However, as mentioned in previous comments, a healthy food chain may not be successful. I feel that most food chains market to younger people, those who don't know much about health and just want to grab something that's cheap, fast, and reliable. Many may be concerned that they couldn't find anything that actually tastes good at a healthy fast food place. I think "healthy" food has a negative connotation associated with it, in that it is believed healthy foods are bland and tasteless. I think once people give it a try, they will find that these healthy food options can be just as good!


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