Culinary Travel Gear: Folding Chopsticks


Have chopsticks will travel?

Sold as a high-end camping accessory, FlipSticks are billed as the the world's first folding chopsticks.

Made of bamboo and stainless steel.

$32.80 at Brunton.



There is nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors with nothing but the clothes on your back and a pair of folding chopsticks? Wait a minute since when is a pair of chopsticks a necessity on your camping trips. I find this to be pretty humorous. In my mind the ideal camping food is hot dogs and marshmallows. But I guess Ive just never had a hankering for lo mein noodles on my camping trips. All humor aside I do think that these chopsticks are a better alternative to the cheap wood ones you get at most so called Chinese restaurants in America. But my distaste for Americans idea of Chinese cuisine is a a topic best saved for another day.


I have never been able to use chopsticks. I guess my family wasn't big on oriental foods so I never learned; however, I have always wanted to know how though. I think this is a good idea for people that like oriental foods. My close friend's family all enjoy using chopsticks with their food and feeling like they are eating the way the cultural people would eat. It is fun for families and I think it would be a good thing to have on hand.


Im not sure weither people are willing to pay 32 dollars for some folding chopsticks. I mean chopsticks are easy to obtain and quite disposeable. why buy these?


First of all, the fact this is classified as camping gear and not just a accessory in general is ridiculous. Why would you pay that much for them. Also there is in no way I would ever have benefit of these because i wouldnt carry them around with me to use, and I sure as hell cant cook so i wouldnt have them handy at home. I can see that there is more profit in making and selling these per unit, but really will that many people even buy something like that for the price it is. I just don't agree with the idea.


These are by no means the first of these to come along. A friend of mine had a pair of telescoping aluminum chopsticks - small enough to fit in his wallet - 35-40 years ago.

But that begs the main question - which is "WHAT'S THE POINT?" Thirty-two bucks for a pair of CHOPSTICKS ? Unless you're dining at a place like Nobu, $32 will buy you a very decent sushi/sashimi meal.

Plain bamboo chopsticks cost ten cents a pair, will be stronger, and won't get the TSA snoopies interested. And you can toast marshmallows on them without worrying about getting them scorched.


so if your camping and got a hankering for sushi, why not pick up some twigs?


As soon as I read about this I thought of buying the folding chopsticks as a joke for my son who loves sushi, and NOT because he goes camping to eat sushi. The joke was on me when I saw the price. I think I'll pass on this high-priced camping accessory...


I have never been a huge fan of chopsticks,mostly because I could never use them correctly. If you look at the average price of regular chopsticks it ranges from 50cents-2 dollars.I Think it is ridiculous that they would be selling these for the price of $32.80.I believe that this wont catch on and not that many people are going to purchase this. This is a bad idea and i dont think it should of been made.


This product kind of makes me chuckle a little bit because who decides to bring their own chopsticks with them when they travel? usually anytime i have been to a place where you need to eat with chopsticks they supply you with the chopsticks. This just seems kind of pointless to me, but hey if people are willing to buy it.. congrats


I don't use chopsticks, but if I did, I still don't think that I could purchase this item. Many times when you go to a Chinese restaurant they provide chopsticks for you. Also, I think that overtime they would collect bacteria and would need to be washed constantly. Especially since people use chopsticks to eat sushi and most of the fish in sushi is not properly cooked. This is a easy way to collect things from the fish that could potentially make you seriously ill.


I actually know a few people who carry their own chopsticks. To Zachary's point, most places do provide chopsticks but some people bring their own as a tribute to being green. I see both sides. But this is pretty pricey, even with it's ability to conserve space (with that said, how much space do chopsticks really take?).


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