Building a Better Pair of Tongs

Even fans of tongs (and they do have their arch-enemies) will acknowledge a flaw in their design: the propensity to mess up your kitchen work surface every time you set them down. Dreamfarm's Clongs offer a design solution: the tongs feature a notch in the handles that allow the business end to stay off the counter when at rest.

Stainless steel with heat-resistant silicone tips. $14.95 at Dreamfarm.



I think this is a good idea because I can think of numerous times when I thought that the mess that the tongs make is quite irritating; however, I do not think these tongs will solve the problem if you have a a sauce in the container you are using. I guess in that situation people will just have to do it the old fashioned way.


This is a great idea, a nice way to get rid of the mess. I appreciate new untensils whenever I can. Now that the messy end does not end up on my counter, I will have less mess to deal with at the end of my food prep. Meaning more time to relax and enjoy my food. I will have to get a pair of these to see if there are any flaws to the design. The only downfall I can forsee right now would have to be the shape of the tongs. I won't be able to use those tongs to get a pickle from the jar, unless the jar is huge. I suppose there is an up and down to everything.


This is a great idea for most cooks who do not want to make a mess. This almost seems like it would be on an infomercial at 4 in the morning, but still a great idea. Could be something that catches on, but most people will probably still be satisfied with the tongs they have. Not many people i believe will go out of their way to stay up to date with the latest technology in tongs... not many


I agree with Zachary. This does prompt me to think of an infomercial gimmick. While great for tossing salads, most people use tongs for lots of other purposes as well. As Hannah mentioned, sauce still drips off of any type of tongs. What I find annoying is tossing a salad with dressing already added in, then having lettuce or other toppings stick to the tongs. Ah what an exasperating subject lol. I'd still give these a try though...if they ever went under costing $10.


I love this design. I use tongs for many things while I'm cooking. I use them when I am grilling Chicken. Usually when I am done grilling I set the tongs on the counter which leaves some juice from the chicken on the table. The design should help reduce the mess tongs make after use. But my concern is how will it prevent sauce from dripping off the end of the tongs? Even if it doesn't put an end to messy counters for good it still has a clever design that I wouldn't mind paying to have.


Yeah, good idea but if it's not in front of me when I'm at the store I probably won't make an effort to go find them or do a search for what else is out there. The one search I've done for tongs are for ones that are extra super long for working over a fire in the ground or a big bbq pit.


This is pretty neat. Now we can set down tongs without leaving a mess. I can't say I use tongs too much but every once in a while I have to watch the grill and it is very annoying when the meat juice stains the counter. I also do like the silicon tips, they have a better design to them.


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