Belgians Protest By Eating Fries in Underwear

Belgium has gone 249 days since its last election without forming a government. As a protest, a group of Belgian students ate fries in their underwear.



This is some funny stuff. These protesters are very committed to there cause. On the other hand I don't understand why they stripped down to their underwear. I think its funny. If I saw a bunch of people in their underwear I would make fun of them. I wonder why the others didn't strip down. That would have made it even more funnier seeing 249 people in their underwear.


This is a very humorous way to stage a protest but I think it is also a very smart thing to do. I no one ever stood up for what they believed in many things in this world would not be the way they are. You must take action if you want results, even if the only way you can do so is be staging a protest. This may be a silly one indeed but I am reading about it now so obviously people are talking about it. And the more people talk about then the more attention the issue will get. Thus this action will get more people anxious to resolve the issue. I think more people should stage protests and reach out to help issues all over the world, our voice is a very powerful thing and we should use it more often.


I don't really understand what this will do. It is a very funny idea and I hope it works out for them in the end, but I don't see the significance. Personally, if I wanted to send a message I would have ate the fries naked.


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