Beer Does a Body Good

According to a new study out of Spain, moderate drinking of beer can cut the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure and even help people lose weight.



This is a pretty interesting study considering the fact that there are so many downsides to drinking alcohol. I never knew beer can help people lose weight, I thought it made people gain more weight!


I was interested by this article because it seems like everything has a good side and a bad side, and with beer we usually only hear the bad side. This article goes to show that even beverages like beer can have benefits for the body. I had no idea that beer could lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of diebetes. I was surpised by the beneficial substances that are in beer such as vitamins, iron and calcium. I would have never expected beer to contain vitamins and calcium. I also was always told that beer was a great way to gain weight not lose weight. This article is an example of how almost everything can be good for you in some way if in moderation.


This is a really cool fact. I agree with Nicole that we usually look at all of the negative connotations of things and not the positive. It seems as if there are positive aspects to this negative concept people tend to not believe it or ignore it. People who read this article but don't really read it may not realize that the new study is with moderate drinking AND exercise. Contrary to the belief of "beer" causing beer bellies, but in reality its the diets we eat after we drink the beer. Also people need to learn the definition of moderation before they go and drink beer to maintain a healthy diet.


This article is very interesting. With all the downside that beer has, as Natasha says, you would think that their wouldn't be any good to come out of beer. I agree with Nicole that we only hear the bad side of drinking beer. I wonder that if with further research if their could be other good sides to drinking beer. On the other hand stating that moderately drinking beer is a little vague. I agree with Katie that people need to learn how much is moderation, because for some it could be more or less. Plus there is the possibility of this leading to alcoholism.


Though I don't plan on taking up a beer here and there to lose weight or reduce my blood pressure I do find it to be an interesting fact. I also agree with the ones who posted before me, with working with both youth and adults on the prevention of drinking this isn't something I have come across before. The consequences by far outweigh the benefits in this case though as I have also not come across someone who can drink in moderation.




I'm gay today, but tomorrow I'm drinking beer


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