DIY Candy Corn

How to make your own candy corn. Via Cold Mud.


The Global Rise of the Supermarket

Five things you didn't know about supermarkets as an economic and social force.


Sweets' Status

A scientist presents a "Candy Hierarchy" ranking sweets from top to "so low it does not register on our equipment."


The World's Largest Gummy Worm


At 26 inches long, 5 inches in circumference, and weighing in at 3 pounds, the World's Largest Gummy Worm is 128 times the size of a normal gummy worm and equivalent to 840 gummy bears. The obscene confection also boasts a calorie count of 4,000 calories.

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Alt Pestos

Eleven alternatives to basil pasto, from pecans+parsley+dates to rosemary+lardo.


Woman Fends off Bear With Zucchini

A Montana woman used a zucchini as a weapon to fend off a charging bear.


Breaking: Cavemen Ate Carbs

PaleoNew Scientist's claim that "Palaeolithic mammoth burgers were eaten with a bun" may be a bit of a stretch, but the idea that stone age hunter-gatherers lived exclusively on carb-free meat diets may have been proven false according to new research.

There's no telling yet whether the findings will be a blow to adherents of the so-called Paleo Diet, which draws its inspiration from the way humans ate during the Paleolithic era.

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Champagne Loses Fight Against Nuclear Dump

A Champagne trade group lost an appeal to stop France's national atomic agency from continuing to dump radioactive waste at a facility just a few miles away from some Champagne vineyards.


Redesigning a Smarter School Cafeteria

Rethinking the design of the school cafeteria to "nudge students toward making better choices on their own by changing the way their options are presented." For example, increase the comsumption of salads by moving the salad bar right in front of the cash registers.