"Nuts for Natto"

A Japanese exporter is making a big push to get Americans to buy natto, the stinky fermented soybeans found in Japanese cuisine.


Food in Miniature

French artist Stephanie Kilgast creates miniature food models scaled down to 1/12th of their original size. Above, a lilliputian continental breakfast with a pair of croissants you could fit on a thumbnail.

See a slideshow with more images at the Telegraph. [via coldmud]


Drink to a Healthier Heart

A new French study has linked drinking one to three glasses of wine a day to better health.


"LOST" Party Recipes

What to serve at your "LOST" finale party, from "Shephard's Pie" to "WAAAAALTed Milkshake."


Nestlé Plans Tea Pod

Nestlé plans to follow up on the success of its Nespresso coffee pod system with a similar product for the tea market. Its code name is "Special T."


A Cleaning Tool for the OCD Oenophile

Talk about your niche cleaning products: Casabella's Wine Glass & Champagne Flute Sponges are designed just for obsessive compulsive oenophiles:

The rounded end of this uniquely shaped sponge hugs the curves of red and white wine glasses, while the pointed end reaches into the bottom of champagne flutes. Plus, there is a tiny slot in the sponge for quick cleaning of glass rims and easy removal of lipstick stains. Fiber on one side for wine or water marks and cellulose on the other for general cleaning. Safe for all types of glass and fine crystal.

$9.95 for a set of two at The Spoon Sisters.


Rick Bayless in White House Twitter Controversy

Chef Rick Bayless found himself at the center of a media brouhaha over tweeting about the White House dinner he is cooking for.


Fulvio Bonavia's Culinary Couture


Images from photographer Fulvio Bonavia's book A Matter of Taste reconceptualize foodstuffs as fashion accessories. [via trendland]

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Warren Buffet Bearish on Kraft

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway cut its stake in Kraft Food shares for the first time in two years, selling off 31.5 million Kraft shares. Berkshire remains Kraft's largest shareholder, owning just over 6% of the mega-food company.


Pig Fest Turns into Food Fight

The Portland installment of Cochon 555 turned into a pork-infused fracas that landed a chef in jail.