Bullish on Oktoberfest

The price of beer at Oktoberfest is going up this year, but American travelers to Munich may still pay less than last year as the value of the euro slides against the dollar.



Every year the prices rise and people squawk, but attendance at Oktoberfest never goes down! Even at $11 - 13 for a beer, one needs to keep in mind that the beer price supports a ton of overhead - there is no admission fee to the Wiesn, so your $12 gets you a LITER of great German beer, served in a real glass Mass (Mug) by waitress in Dirndl, while listening to a great band in a beautifully decorated “tent.” It really is a bargain, if you think about the complete package…


Dang, $12 for a liter?? That's almost 3 beers. Being in Los Angeles, it's pretty common to find places that sell a 12oz beer for $6, at the hip/trendy places anyway, and for the really douchebag places, that's on top of the ridiculous $20 cover they charge.


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