BBQ Basics from a BBQ Expert


I just received a review copy of meat and barbecue expert Adam Perry Lang's new grilling cookbook, BBQ 25. Unlike his last book, Serious Barbecue, a much more comprehensive guide to barbecue and grilling, this book is stripped-down to 25 simplified ("foolproof") recipes for basic meat cuts. Mind you, many require some advance prep brining meat, so the recipes won't quite translate into instant gratification. Nevertheless, they look accessible and tasty.

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Sip a Slushie, Run Longer

Heat can dampen your endurance. Drink a slushie to cool your body down before you exercise, and you just might be able to stay at it longer.


White House Garden: Not Organic

The White House kitchen garden is not technically organic, and the White House won't say why not. Via @sarakategr.


Some Cheesecake with Your Pancakes?

IHOP may just have topped KFC in the field of grotesque food creations: "Pancake Stackers" that feature slices of cheescake interspersed between buttermilk pancakes, topped with "creamy whipped topping."


KFC Doubles Down on Its Brand Perception

A marketing research firm finds that whether or not KFC’s Double Down pays off in sales, advertising for the product may be weakening the brand’s perception among consumers.


Department of Mashups: Bread Meets Sneakers

If only these concept shoes for And1's Wonder Mid sneakers really felt like walking on a loaf of Wonder Bread. Wouldn't that be wonder-ful?

According to the sneaker blog NiceKicks: "And1 speckled its Wonder with the multi-colored spots that are associated with the Wonder Bread Company. This colorway will likely never see a public release as it probably violates all sorts of Wonder Bread trademarks. It is, however, a clever combination that can be appreciated on a below-the-radar wear-test sample."

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Study: Food Reviews Make You Very Sleepy

According to a new survey, "many British women are soothed to sleep in bed by the sound of their partner reading food reviews." Via coldmud.


Heirloom Heresy?

Plant breeders are offering hybrid tomatoes they promise have the flavor and ugly duckling appearance of heirlooms, but more disease-resistance. Heirloom tomato proponents are majorly pissed.