How To: Keep Half an Avocado from Turning Brown

Ingenuity strikes: spray a thin film of cooking oil on a leftover half of an avocado, and it will remain unblemished for as many as three days (as long as you can hold out eating it for that long).



Guacamole is one of our weekly staples. Will that also help any leftover guac (on the rare occasions there is any leftover)?


This works! I read about this method in Cooks Illustrated a couple of years ago and tried it. If you don't want to use cooking spray, olive oil or mayonnaise work just as well.


Yep it's true. I use the same trick for keeping an open can of tomato paste. Add a lil' olive oil to it and it'll keep for week or so.


I have used lime or lemon juice smeared over the cut half, and it works quite nicely! (It also works well on the leftover guac, just smooth out the surface of it as best you can, and sprinkle liberally with extra lime juice).


Really? It has been my problem ever since. Thank you for this tip.


Anything that stops the air oxidizing the avocado flesh will prevent browning. Spraying olive oil is easy, especially when you don't have cut lemon/lime handy. Great tip!


Sounds so yummy! :))) Thanks for sharing nice recipe!

Looking forward to more great stuff from you! )


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