meat sty·lus

02-11-10meatstlyus meat sty·lus (noun): A snack sausage which is repurposed as an input device for the iPhone's capacitive touch-screen.

The electronics blog engadget has reported that snack sausages are being used as a meat stylus by South Koreans to operate their iPhones in inclement weather:

"Apparently snack sausages from the CJ Corporation are electrostatically compatible with the iPhone's capacitive touchscreen, leading many to use them as a 'meat stylus' in the cold weather, rather than remove a glove. And it's not just a joke; apparently South Korean snack sausage sales are soaring."



This just made my night. Thanks.


Where can I buy the snack sausage? Sounds like a good idea..


A whole new purpose for sausages. Didn't know we need another one.

Thanks for the laugh.


well you don't see that every day! very funny!


well that certainly is a novel use!


At first, this article added some humor to my day. But when I looked up the meaning to "capacitive", I learned a whole new perspective on the touchscreen phenomena. I had heard somewhere that touchscreens are heat censored, only reacting to the touch a finger. But that doesn't make sense seeing as how my phone will call random numbers and start random text messages while resting in my pocket. But when I tried to operate my ipod touch with a gloved hand while walking to class the other day, it didn't respond. This leads me to believe that some touchscreens have this capacitive sensing (meaning they detect anything which is conductive or having dielectric properties) but some don't. This sausage idea may come in handy the next time I want to skip a song on my ipod...


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