Chefs' Favorite Late-Night Eateries

Chefs David Chang, Eric Ripert, Daniel Boulud (and others) dish about their favorite places for late-night dining.

Jamie Oliver's Wine Guy Says He Recommended Wines He Never Tasted

Matt Skinner, Jamie Oliver's head of wine, has admitted that he did not taste a number of the wines that he recommended in his latest book, The Juice 2010.

Introducing GastroBuzz: Filtering the Food Talk on Twitter

Gastrobuzz4 I'm happy to share that I've been working on creating a new site called GastroBuzz that aggregates tweets from the world of food: from the delicious to the disgusting, the poetic to the profane, and the serious to the silly. It officially launches today.

The site tracks the Twitter accounts of leading chefs, food journalists, authors, and food bloggers. The idea is to provide a place to find your favorite chefs and writers, discover new voices, and track the state of the gastrosphere live and in real time (more on that is coming soon).

The list is a work in progress (and constantly being updated), so if there's someone that you think GastroBuzz ought to be following, we want to hear your feedback.

You can read food tweets at the GastroBuzz website or follow the GastroBuzz Twitter List on Twitter. Be sure to follow @GastroBuzz as well to stay tuned for blog updates, news, and announcements.


Safaris for Lobster Lovers

"Lobster safaris" off the coast of Sweden are the latest thing in culinary tourism.

That's a Lot of Big Macs

McDonald's, seemingly unaffected by the worldwide recession, plans to open 1,000 new restaurants in 2010, mostly in China, Australia, Russia, Germany, France and the U.S.

Barcodes That Are Good Enough to Eat

Barcodes copy

Fast Company features the work of D-Barcode, a Japanese design firm that creates sophisticated designs out of ordinary barcodes for (mostly Japanese) packaged goods. A number of the ingenious designs have food themes, from a pizza to a pair of chopsticks picking up noodles.

An exclusive design can run as high as $4,000, but the company will license existing codes starting at $1,500 (plus an annual $200 fee).


Bruni 2.0: A Proposal

A proposal to re-launch former New York Times restaurant critic Frank Bruni as an ad-supported tweeting, blogging, and book-writing brand.

Dry Ice Makes Cleaning Wine Barrels a Blast

Innovators Vic Vasquez and Bob Flook blast dry ice into wine barrels to remove mold spores, bacteria, and fungus while keeping “toast” levels of the barrel.

At Asian Talks: Hold the Onions, Please

IStock PhotoReuters India is reporting that the chefs charged with preparing the menus for U.S. President Barack Obama and other world leaders at the 21-member Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Singapore this week have been told to minimize the use of garlic and onion "to ensure the talks are not an olfactory challenge." Breath mints will also be "readily available."


Help Wanted: Flipping Big Macs at Gitmo

"Enjoy the perks," reads a help wanted ad for job opportunities at the McDonald's at Guantanamo Bay.