Martha Stewart on Rachael Ray

"She's more of an entertainer than she is, with her bubbly personality, than she is a teacher, like me. That's not what she's professing to be,"


Martha will do anything for publicity. I'm proud of Rachael for taking the high road.


Tell it to the judge.


Martha Stewart is an illetist snob. She talks over the "common" people. Rachael is just a nice person. Which one would you rather chat with? I prefer Rachael.


We would all be better off if Rachel stopped trying to pretend she's a cook. She's much better as a talk show host.


Rachel can cook. Martha can decorate. Both have some talent. Apparently Judy can't spell. It's elitist. The little red line under your text means you spelled something incorrectly.


John, don't be an a$$hole. Perhaps you can point out a typo, but your choice of words could be improved on. Martha is an expert at 'crafting', not interior design (decorating). She isn't even an expert cake 'decorator'. She has professional cake decorators on her staff that handle the cakes featured in her wedding publications.

Judy, I agree with you. Martha was humble for 1 or 2 days after being released from prison. It wasn't long before she was back to her arrogant, narcissistic self. She is jealous of Rachel Ray because Rachel's show has more viewers, has received daytime Emmy awards two years in a row, and her cookware is selling like hot cakes. Martha feels Rachael has taken away a signigicant portion of her revenue with her 5 TV shows, cookware, and cookbooks. In addition, Martha is smoldering because Rachael's Magazine is outselling hers by a wide margin! Rachael has never claimed to be a 'chef' or a cooking teacher She shows her audiences how to make easy 30 minute meals. She often tells her audience she does not 'bake'! Go Team Rachael!


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