Introducing GastroBuzz: Filtering the Food Talk on Twitter

Gastrobuzz4 I'm happy to share that I've been working on creating a new site called GastroBuzz that aggregates tweets from the world of food: from the delicious to the disgusting, the poetic to the profane, and the serious to the silly. It officially launches today.

The site tracks the Twitter accounts of leading chefs, food journalists, authors, and food bloggers. The idea is to provide a place to find your favorite chefs and writers, discover new voices, and track the state of the gastrosphere live and in real time (more on that is coming soon).

The list is a work in progress (and constantly being updated), so if there's someone that you think GastroBuzz ought to be following, we want to hear your feedback.

You can read food tweets at the GastroBuzz website or follow the GastroBuzz Twitter List on Twitter. Be sure to follow @GastroBuzz as well to stay tuned for blog updates, news, and announcements.



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Wow Josh, this new site sounds cool. What a great idea. I'm starting some tweets about it now to let all my foodie friends know about it. I'll send you a few links, too, at the feedback link. I just blogged about CakeVase (simple new decorating invention for cakes), ChefTools (hard to find stuff you just can't imagine you ever lived without!) and from a friend of ours: Kitchen Monki (a recipe sharing and grocery shopping list site and tool). Keep up the great work. Thanks.


Perhaps there's an all-seafood version out there.


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