Kimball Challenges Wikis to a Recipe Duel

With the fires still burning from his controversial New York Times op-ed, Christopher Kimball throws down a gauntlet to the online food community: a cook-off between a Wiki'fied recipe and one hammered out in the Cook's Illustrated test kitchen: "Should be fun! Who is interested? Amanda? Anyone else?" Is he calling you out, Hesser?


I got some heat for "name calling" when I pointed out last week that Mr. Kimball sounded like a "Sour NE Intellectual" when blaming the blogosphere for the demise of Gourmet. He was wrong then as Gourmet had lost its way in the ever changing worlds of publishing and marketing. If there is a possibility that food bloggers helped in the demise, we most certainly they were not the root of the problem. Aside from my awful name calling, I was also wrong as it is his ego that is the issue rather than any inherent sourness. Perhaps Mr. Kimball is working under the assumption that all press is good press, but if not I look forward to a good old fashion smack down. Have fun with this and I will enjoy watching his ego get put in check..


I couldn't find this article! I love using focaccia for sandwiches with some good salami, so I wanted to know why I shouldn't do that!


This kind of information is very limited on internet, thanks for taking the time to share.


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