The LEGO Kitchen


Over the weekend, I found myself at the just-opened LEGO store at New Jersey's Garden State Plaza.

While I had a hard time pulling myself away from LEGO's ultra-cool new "Architecture" series featuring the Guggenheim Museum, Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, and landmark skyscrapers, I also noticed a series of new products intended to outfit your kitchen in the contours of the classic toy bricks.

Clockwise, from left: LEGO kids cutlery, minifigure cake mold, minifigure cookie cutters, rolling cookie cutter, and kitchen storage set.



We already have the utensils; will purchase the rest of these for my lego fanatical little boys. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks so much for this post. I must have the cookie roller! I went to the sight and noticed the delightful salt and pepper shakers too.


Hmm. I turn 27 at the end of this month, am I too old to purchase this for myself? Because I think I really need that cake mold!


I didn't even know this place exists! I have a son who goes batty for legos.. these would be so awesome for his birthday cake. I'm excited!
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This is a great idea. Especially children will like it. Besides, it is nice that the forks and spoons will always be in order. The only minus is that it will be complicated to wash them up.


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Thanks so much for this post. My little sis is obsessed by these lego things, comes in handy for birthday ;)


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