Recipe Bookmarking for Cookbooks


You may have collected hundreds of great recipes that are bookmarked in your browser for easy future reference, but how do you find cherished (and permalink-less) recipes in an old-fashioned cookbook?

This could be a serious technological challenge for future generations of cooks educated only in the ways of epicurious.

The Chef Set page flags give you a way to bookmark -- in an analog way --  your favorite cookbook recipes, tagged by category (appetizers, meats, seafood, and so on). $5.95 at The Spoon Sisters.



The best way probably is to type them into a computer. This is a much better archive than to have recipes thrown here and there.


It look like a fun present.


Really? A fun present? You need to get out more! (LOL)


Thanks for sharing.It must be a very nice idea. As for me, I’ve solved this problem by using the cook books. I can advise pdf search engine where I found nice and what is more important not difficult cook books. But, of course, this method is very nice as it lets you save everything you need.


For saving recipes you find on the internet, use

For recipes in books, take a picture and email it to yourself. Most newer smartphones have a high enough resolution to easily read text. Just save them all in a folder and they will never go away.


For saving online recipes, there's also This is a great new site that easily let's you bookmark your favourite recipes into an online cookbook. Enjoy!


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