Puro Chile: A Taste (and a Sip) of Chile


Puro Chile, a new shop billing itself as a Chilean "wine, food, design, and travel emporium," officially opens next week at the corner of Grand and Centre Streets in Manhattan (it will open this Thursday for "tastings," but no sales).

The shop takes its name -- which means "Pure Chile" -- from the first words of Chile's national anthem: Puro, Chile, es tu cielo azulado ("Pure, Chile, is your blue sky").

The private enterprise -- unaffiliated with the Chilean government -- retails exclusively Chilean products.

A substantial collection of Chilean wines will be showcased in the spare, modern space, as well as a modest selection of gourmet products, plus handmade jewelry and textiles made from alpaca wool. The shop is considered by Puro Chile to be a model for additional locations to open in major cities worldwide.


Wines from more than 200 Chilean wineries, many featuring Carmenère as a single varietal (or blended with others), will be available for purchase. Specialty foods of Chile include various avocado oils, merkén, a combination of dried and smoked peppers seasoned with cumin and other spices, preserves made from lucuma, a fruit native to Chile, and jars of carica (golden papaya). O'cle sparkling sodas come in in flavors like blueberry and mulberry, but also native fruits such as Chile's maqui and murta berries.

Puro Chile plans to hold food and wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and other special events in the retail space.

Along one side of the store is a mini travel bureau with tourism brochures and information on hotels, cultural destinations, and villa rentals. Should you be so inspired by your visit, you can even book a trip to Chile right then and there.

Puro Chile, 221 Centre Street, New York, NY (212.217.9362).



The Web site is not working -- cannot register.


Perhaps there's an all-seafood version out there.


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