John Salley, "Vegan Media Personality"?

The producers of the new documentary film Food Inc. are rolling out a series of promotional videos, including this one by "vegan media personality" (who knew?) and former NBA player John Salley. Another features a pizza-craving Alyssa Milano with some not-so-tasty warnings about the dangers of foodborne illness.



I am so determined to eat better. I appreciate John Sally for doing the
promotional efforts to help inform others. He practices what he speaks.
Good luck Sally on your crusade and I think you look wonderful and


Thanks to John Salley for introducing children to healthy eating. This is more important than you know. Thanks John!


I am also so determine to eat better and lose 30 lbs. i am so proud to have learn about your lifestyle on the Brain Mcknight show. it has really inspired me to want to learn new eating habits.thanks for the information.


thanks turn on the tube and there was john talking about what i have just made my mind up to do start eating what more healthy thanks john and brain


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