Rosé Producers Reject Concession

French rosé producers, outraged at a EU proposal to allow rosé wines to be made from a blend of whites and reds, are not satisfied with a concession that would give them the right to label their wines as made using "traditional" production methods.



re⋅cess⋅i⋅pes (noun): cost-saving recipes for cooking in a recession economy, most likely prepared by a recessionista.

ABC News reports:

IStock_000005011628XSmall"Times are tough, and many of us are rediscovering the benefits of a home-cooked meal. The folks at the Food Network discovered that recently more people are searching the network's Web site looking for recipes that are easy on the waistline, as well as the wallet. In response, the Food Network has created what it is calling "recessipes" -- meals that will leave both your stomach and bank accounts full."

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Pitfalls of Prison Cooking

An inmate at a Washington prison, dubbed the "toilet chef" by AP, caused a fire when he attempted to heat up his stainless steel commode to warm up a snack sausage.

Next Big Thing: "Community Supported Foraging"

And you thought you were so cutting edge with your CSA box, now comes the next big thing: "community supported forage" boxes filled with wild foods plucked from Bay Area parks.

Grape Nuts: The Cereal for Dudes

Cereal-maker Post Foods has a new slogan to promote Grape Nuts to its mostly male audience: "That Takes Grape Nuts."

Nobu, the Early Years

Famed sushi chef and restaurateur Nobu Matsuhisa recalls his early days working in Tokyo, Peru, and Argentina.


Hot or Not: Padma Lakshmi and a Carl's Jr. Burger?

In this new commercial for the fast food chain Carl's Jr., "Top Chef" host Padma Lakshmi brings new meaning to the term food porn as she eats a hamburger like she's kissing Leonardo DiCaprio, shows off a considerable degree of tongue dexterity at cleaning burger grease off her wrist, and spills a little special sauce on her lower leg.

Sexy? Absurd? Both?

Via The Atlantic.


White House Garden: Raising the Bar

With mission White House Kitchen Garden accomplished, Bill and Nicolette Niman are now advocating for the Obamas to start raising chickens as the "next logical step." Via Eat me daily.