Vertical Baking


Too space-starved to bake more than one batch of cookies at a time? The Baker's Mate cooling rack can support up to four ten-pound trays, so even the tiniest kitchen can be transformed into a miniature bakeshop. What's more, the rack folds flat to store in less space than a single tray. $19.99 at Chefs Catalog.



This would work well for large things but when making a batch of cookies or something where you want to slide the sheet of parchment off of the pan so the cookies don't overcook, you would have nothing to support the cookies. It would be better if they had some sort of grated more solid top.


Good point. I was thinking the same thing too at first, but realized you could simply move the cookies to a mesh wire cooling rack (as you would ordinarily do), and rest that on the rack (as opposed to the hot baking sheet).


A good idea!!! Thanks/


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