Anthony Bourdain on the Forbes Wealthiest Chefs List

"That was really fucked. I am really unhappy about that. I don't make anywhere near that money [$1.5 million]. The I.R.S will be extremely confused by seeing this or intrigued, dangerously so I think, when I accurately report my income for the year as being nowhere near that number."



That's definitely a money quote..! (lol)


Just love this,been Slow cooking ,Chicken Breast,onions,potatoes,carrots, ,celery,okra,can baby corn,diced tomatoes,with my chicken broth,Salt& pepper,My Husband,thought he died and went to Texas,After all I was born& raised in Texas,Live in Michigan,his Home state,But I no what is GOOD. And I Don't Get Paid MILLIONS for my Good Food.But I do when MY Family says they have eating nothing Better.LOL Have A Great Nite Stormy


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