Agenda: Tequila, Chocolate, and Wine



Tequila: The Future of Tradition
As spirits go, tequila often gets a bad rap. To educate imbibers about agave (above), tequila's flavor profile, and its rich history, Astor Center (399 Lafayette Street) is presenting a class, "Tequila The Future of Tradition." A discussion will be led by David Suro-Piñera, President of Siembra Azul Tequila and Foundation. along with tequila experts Dr. Rodolfo Fernandez and Claudio Jiménez Vizcarra, all of whom will be presenting in New York City for the first time. Sample a variety of tequilas, learn proper tasting techniques, and finish the evening off with appetizers from Café Frida. The class will take place in Astor Center's Gallery on Friday, May 9th, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tickets: $45/person.

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Destination Japan


Silicone chopstick rests by Shukoh Hayashi are twisted to form the shape of a helix. $30 for five.

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has created Destination: Japan, a collection of more than 100 products (exclusive to the MoMA Store) created by established and emerging Japanese designers. We've sifted through them to find culinary-oriented products, from cooking gadgets to barware and tableware. Below are highlights of some of the more stylish, useful, intriguing, and amusing designs.

Jar This earthenware apple-shaped jar has a wooden serving spoon at its core. $55.

M_72626 Vegetables and fruits are rendered as cartoonish monsters and embroidered on a cotton T-shirt. $45.

M_72761This PVC "Patisserie Ring" (also available in blackberry and ice cream) is made of PVC embedded with Swarovski crystals. $45 to $65.

M_72609This ceramic grater's base is made of non-slip silicone so it won't budge as you grate away, even with one hand, at the kitchen counter. $28.

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MarketWatch: Asparagus, Ramps, Miner's Lettuce, and Crepinettes


Ramps at the Union Square Greenmarket, added to the MarketWatch Photo Pool by Flickr user guessica.

Marketwatchsmall2 MarketWatch is a monthly report on what's fresh and new at farmers markets in New York and San Francisco. If you've visited a farmers market recently in your own community, tell us what's new in the comments. And, if you have photos, be sure to post them to the MarketWatch flickr pool.


News & Notes
As mentioned last month, the construction project at the north end of Union Square has temporarily displaced some Greenmarket farmers and producers. They've been relocated to the busy south end of Union Square, mixed in among the upstart peddlers of beads, incense, used CDs, and other decidedly inedible things. Not everyone is thrilled with the arrangement. "Now you have to schlep through a maze of nonfood vendors to get to the underselling milk; it’s like a frenetic flea market crossed with the long-gone flower district," writes Regina Schrambling on her blog, gastropoda.

The good news is that when the project is finally completed (18 months from now, at the soonest), the Greenmarket will reclaim all of its original space in the North Plaza, which is to be re-paved with hexagonal blocks.

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