Great Grater


Fans of Microplane, the maker of ultra-sharp and incredibly effective zesters and graters based on woodworking tools, has applied its brilliant design to re-engineer the classic box grater. Like the original, the Microplane Box Grater has four cutting surfaces to zest citrus and slice, shred, or finely grate vegetables, chocolate, or cheese. Just be extra careful of your knuckles the next time you make potato pancakes. $34.95 at Williams-Sonoma.



Wine and Cheese Club. I just want to share a cool concept. I am a member of a club that sends me 6 fabulous wine and cheese pairings a year. They are high quality wines and artisan cheeses paired to go together. This is fun and I end up having a party when the shipment arrives. The company is based in Sonoma County and does a great job.


In my blog, I recently listed my favorite 10 kitchen utensils. Sadly, I didn't include my Cuisipro box grater because of the knuckle issue. It would be nice if someone could come out with a secure holder that both protects knuckles and gets rid of the problem of annoying 1-inch pieces of carrot, potato, cheese or chocolate that are too small to be grated safely.


this is a kitchen tool very useful, is amazing, and I love the fact it has little paws that gives more support


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