Press Perfect


We've been intrigued lately by the proliferation of double-walled glassware that not only looks cool, but keeps your beverage cool -- whether you're drinking liqueur, beer, or wine. Bodum, which makes several lines of thermal mugs and glasses, has taken the technique to the next level by reinventing the classic French press coffee pot. Bodum claims that its double-walled Chambord Coffee Maker (34 oz.) will keep just-pressed coffee hot for up to two hours. While this development may be heresy for coffee purists (who would tell you to decant your coffee and get it away from the grounds as soon as possible after steeping), the pot seems like a nifty (if pricey) innovation for lazy, slow-sipping French pressers everywhere. $89.95 at Bodum.



I don't think it is just purists who will tell you to decant your press-pot coffee immediately after pressing. I think that anyone who has tasted press pot coffee that has sat in the carafe with the pressed grounds (for more than say 10 minutes) will agree that you need to pour off that delicious goodness in order to avoid over-extraction (read: bitterness).

The double-walled glassware definitely are sexy though.


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