Radio Silence

Anya came down with a scary and horrible stomach virus over the weekend that took us completely by surprise. Despite our best efforts to keep her fluid intake up (we have a delightful recipe for Pedialyte JELL-O if you're interested), she steadfastly refused any of it, and we ended up bringing her to the emergency room today to be treated for dehydration. Anya's spending the night in the hospital, and we're hoping she'll recover very quickly and return home soon. Expect posting to be light to nonexistent while she gets her noodle-eating groove back.

Update (2/1/07): After two nights in the hospital, Anya was finally released yesterday. She's on the mend and is quickly returning to her former self. Thanks for all the comments and emails wishing her a speedy recovery. The Food Section will be back with regular posting next week.



So sorry to hear that! Hoping for a quick recovery.


Prayers are with you. I had a similar thing when I was an infant--turned out to be Salmonilla, and I had to be hydrated via my ankles (still have the scars 50-years later). Made a complete recovery and that is when medical care used leeches.


Oh, I hope she's already doing better. Winter just sucks, sucks, sucks for the littlest kids. Every parent of a 6 or under knows someone who has spent some time in the hospital this winter, it seems.


Poor baby. And poor parents! That must have been scary. Hope you're all feeling better very soon.


poor anya! i hope she gets better soon ---


Hey Josh,

My little girl Chloe went through that when she was 1 1/2. She had diarrhea one day, then vomited the next and just felt miserable for about a week. We took her to the emergency room as well. The nurse checked her and really couldn't do much. We left with some antibiotics. It all ended well.



Never posted before but a daily read. Hope Anya gets better soon, winter is hard on kids. Keep up the good work.


I hope she feels better soon, poor little Anya.


Glad the wee one is feeling better—she's so beautiful!


Am a frequent reader of yours and wanted to send good vibes your way for a fast recovery for Anya... poor little cookie! Am a new parent myself (well, somewhat new) with a 15 month-old who's been sick all winter... double ear infections... flu... high fevers... you name it. Wishing you all good health and some sleep!


I am a frequent reader and wanted to send you blessings-this is a hard season on us all, but kids especially! I hope you get some rest and EAT SOME NOODLES! :0)


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