Broom for Baking

Amishcaketesterbroom The Swiffer has dealt a serious blow to brooms everywhere, but one thing it can't do is test whether your cake is fully baked. The Amish Cake Tester Broom (found via Book of Joe) is comprised of corn husk straws that can be broken off and used as cake testers. $6.99, including a poem, at CHEFS.


Spoonstraw Style

Strawspoon Does the image of a spoonstraw evoke a Proustian taste memory of a Slurpee paired with Now and Laters? Well, wipe those memory banks clean because Bodum has transformed the humble utensil into the sleek MIZU Straw Spoon, which is stylish enough for slurping a cup of almond granita. $4.95 at Bodum.


Agenda: 1/3 to 1/9


The Dark History of Absinthe
Absinthe2The Culinary Historians of New York will present a lecture by Professor David Weir of Cooper Union on the history of absinthe, Tuesday, January 9, 6:30 p.m. reception (7:00 p.m. program), at the International Wine Center, 350 Seventh Avenue, #1201. $40/person (

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Spoiler Alert

Daysago_1 When did you open that baby food? And, how many days months has it been since you unsealed that jar of mayonnaise? The New York Times recently pointed to the DaysAgo "digital day counter," a nifty timer which attaches to a container either magnetically or by suction to track the declining freshness of your food. $10 for a pair at