Down with PTZ?

Brugo_1 Are you down with PTZ? That's the "Perfect Temperature Zone," according to the makers of the Brugo travel mug.

As you tip the thermal mug, hot coffee is released into a small chamber at the top where it cools down before reaching PTZ. $19.95 in multiple colors at Brugo.



Talk about dumbing-down! I hope everyone who professes to want to simplify their lives, get back to basics, etc etc thinks hard about the 'need' for something as unnecessary as this!! What happened to the joy of sipping your coffee from a cup--ceramic, paper, whatever? But then, I would challenge the assumption that you need to have a cup of coffee with you in your car in the first place. It's all part of the 'I want it and I want it now' culture causing spiralling debt, dissatisfaction and--as I said at the start of this rant--dumbing down of America. Stop the madness!!


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