A Menu for Hope: Update

Oxfordcompaniontofood As you may have heard, the third annual edition of Chez Pim's online fundraising campaign, A Menu For Hope raised a staggering $60,925.12 in contributions to support the United Nations World Food Programme, the food aid arm of the UN.

Chez Pim has posted a list of all of the winners of the raffle. So, if you contributed towards one of the prizes, check to see if you might have won.

The Food Section auctioned off a copy of the Oxford Companion to Food, generously donated by Oxford University Press, and I'm pleased to announce that Simona Tal is the winner.

Congratulations to Simona, who will be receiving her prize shortly, and thanks to all those who made a gift to support the campaign.



Hello, I saw so much about this on the blogs I read, but it was open only to bloggers? Is that correct?


Bloggers offered the prizes, but anyone could contribute (and wine a prize).


And congratulations to you, Josh, for being the winner of the autographed French Laundry cookbook. I'll get it to you as soon as possible.


Thanks Tana. I'm looking forward to it.


Hey! Congrats Simona Tal for being the winner.


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