Roasted Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes


As much as I may try to resist the Rachael Ray-ificatio of the Dining In category of this site, I'm afraid that fatherhood has wrought a rapid and (seemingly) permanent reduction in the window of time for weeknight cooking.

The great thing about this recipe for chicken breasts roasted with cherry tomatoes, herbs, and garlic (from Bon Appétit via The Wednesday Chef) is that while the dish only takes five minutes (or less) to get ready and cooks for just 35 minutes, it doesn't taste like a quick-cook meal. In such a brief time in the oven, the skin develops a salty, garlicky crunch; meanwhile, as the tomatoes cook and collapse, their juice melds with the chicken drippings and olive oil to form a sauce that constitutes almost a shallow braise, infusing the chicken from below. The result is chicken that is extremely juicy and flavorful.

Kitchen Notes: Cooking the chicken on a baking sheet (with a rim to contain the juices) seems critical, as it allows you to keep everything on one layer. I could not find marjoram, so I ended up substituting fresh oregano, which worked (Luisa from The Wednesday Chef also had success with dried rosemary) [Update: It works nicely with fresh rosemary, too]. Because the pieces of chicken were huge, I cut each breast into two sections to make the dish more manageable. Finally (and reluctantly), I skipped the (crucial) addition of adding crushed red pepper: my wife is not keen on spicy food, and I didn't want to add insult to injury to the teething gums of our baby daughter. Molars are upon us (well, her).




I made this last week, after reading the recipe here. I didn't have fresh marjoram either, so used dried, as well as dried rosemary. It was indeed delicious, but clean-up was a drag. A lot of the tomatoes charred and stuck to the baking sheet, which was really oily and hard to get clean. I'd try it again, but maybe in a Corning Ware or Pyrex baking dish that would be easier to clean. Thanks for printing the recipe; I love this website!


That looks just spectacular!


I'm surprised clean-up was so difficult. You could always deglaze the baking sheet on top of the range using water or wine to remove the stubborn bits. That way, you kill two birds with one stone (no pun intended) and get a clean pan, plus a sauce!


I've made this chicken recipe twice since the original post and it's delicious and so easy to make. I put foil on the bottom of the edged baking sheet and clean up was a breeze. I made it for my mom and dad and they both loved it as well. Great Post!


Yeah it's so intresting! Something so simple...and so delicious...Now I Have to find A REAL GOOD CHickEn! Take a look on our Blog and leave a comment...WE WAIT IT!!



Just letting you know I'm featuring this recipe in my South Beach Recipes of the Week, with your photo (and a credit for you, of course) and a link to the recipe. Great recipe! Thanks!


Nice one!!! I made this recipe a couple of weeks ago with fresh rosemary and it tasted delicious! I also cut the tomatoes in half and served it with baked potatoe wedges (made on the same sheet, we put it around the chicken). My partner actually licked the plate clean :-)


Quick & easy. If you do a lot of this kind of cooking, you want one of those super-easy-to-clean ceramic casserole baking dishes. Emile Henri makes a terrif ic one, and, maybe Le Creuset.


recipe was delicious , for cleaner cornerware use pam BBQ spray low fat and easy clean up. Please E-mail me for any recipe ideas..


I'm interested in making the roasted chicken with cherry tomatoes. Could you please tell me the details and roasting temperature. Sounds delicious!


funny note about father hood. thanks for the tip to use a baking sheet with rims. Now, how about the recipe? Where do I find that?


Do you think you can substitute boneless chicken breasts for the bone-in chicken in the recipe?


this looks very dilicious


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That way, you kill two birds with one stone (no pun intended) and get a clean pan, plus a sauce!


Sounds great but I could not pull out the recipi.


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Mama loves me some roasted chicken. Fresh rosemary is a must with this dish!


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