2007 Zagat Survey Rankings


While San Francisco and Bay Area residents are still freaking out over the new Michelin rankings (as one blogger put it, "I just about puked on my keyboard reading that shit"), media attention (at least here in New York) now turns to the 2007 Zagat Survey restaurant rankings of New York City restaurants, which were officially released today.

Compiled from reviews supplied by 31,604 diners, there's a myriad of data to pore over, but at first blush, the biggest news looks to be Annisa's climb from 24th place last year into the top 10 this year in the best food category. Chef Daniel Boulud can now count two of his restaurants in the top 10, while Nobu and Gotham Bar & Grill dropped off the list compared to the 2006 rankings:

2007 Top 10 Food Rankings
(2006 rank)
1. Le Bernardin (1)
2. Daniel (2)
3. Sushi Yasuda (5)
4. per se (3)
5. Peter Luger (Brooklyn) (8)
6. Gramercy Tavern (6)
7. Café Boulud (13)
8. Bouley (4)
9. Jean Georges (9)
10. Annisa (24)

As for the ranking of the 10 most popular eateries, Gramercy Tavern and Union Square Cafe remain the leaders, Nobu has dropped off the list since last year, and Jean Georges enters in ninth place. The rest: a general reshuffling of the deck since the publication of last year's guide:

2007 Top 10 Most Popular Places (2006 rank):
1. Gramercy Tavern (1)
2. Union Square Cafe (2)
3. Le Bernardin (5)
4. Babbo (3)
5. Peter Luger (9)
6. Bouley (8)
7. Gotham Bar & Grill (6)
8. Daniel (4)
9. Jean Georges (11)
10. Blue Water Grill (7)

Food nerds, rejoice! Download a summary of all of the salient statistics, including year-by-year comparisons of top 20 rankings:

» Zagat Survey Summary: 2007 New York City Restaurants



i have "never", nor will i ever, "understand" why anyone "gives a damn" about zagat. unless you take reviews from a "random sample" across demographics all you're getting are "reviews from individuals" who are "motivated" one way or another AND are "prone" to voluntarily filling out surveys. it's like "standardized" testing: you're only getting a rating based on "those who rate" with "no accounting" for actual "taste", "experience" or even "education" in the areas they are rating.

in LA and SF (where "i grew up") and now here on the "east coast" i find that a zagat review is "accurate" maybe "one out of ten visits".

as for michelin, i think the problem there might be that they're using european standards on american restaurants. i've eaten at some one- and two-star places in france, germany and the netherlands that far exceeded many top-rated american restaurants. and i wasn't reamed in the wallet for the pleasure. i think people need to take a large dose of salt with these guides and get on with it.


Zagat is still the best there is when it comes to NY restaurants. I love how Zagat's style is so iconic that even the ultra eccentric restaurant goer uses that style to make comments!


I love Sushi Yasuda, and every time I'm in New York, I can't surely miss to eat there. They have one of the best Japanese cuisines I've ever tasted.


As a transplanted New Yorker to Montana, definitely makes me miss the NY restaurant scene. Alas, I can drool from afar on my mountain top!


DLZ, your comment is hillarious! Thanks for that! And yes, I agree, not only is the Zagat sample not very representative, it's a bit conservative and doesn't really tell you what you'd really like to know. See my blog entry about it, and NYCnosh's posting too:


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