Press Sighting: Food & Wine


The August issue of Food & Wine magazine includes an article on food photography featuring several "Best-Shot Blogs," including Chez Pim, She Who Eats, 101 Cookbooks, and The Food Section (by the way, the blood orange photos mentioned in the article can be found here).

My top photography recommendation is to use available light whenever you can. If conditions are so dark that you'll risk blurring the shot by shaking your camera, try using a mini-tripod. There are quite a number of models on the market (I happen to own this and this), but I've also seen two more that are particularly novel: The Gorillapod has flexible legs, so you can attach it just about anywhere (even hanging upside down), and Bogen's Pod, essentially a beanbag, helps to stabilize almost any surface. If you must resort to using flash, I prefer to bounce the flash off the ceiling, but this will only be an option if you have an external flash.

And then there's always the water glass-as-tripod technique mentioned in the article, which really does work (see the photos here for evidence). However (and this should seem obvious), don't do it with a digital SLR, or your camera might end up smack dab in the middle of your clafoutis. On the other hand, using a glass will help you steady one of the smaller, lightweight digital cameras when you're shooting at a slow shutter speed. But, only use the glass to help keep your camera steady -- don't let go!

For more on the subject of food photography, be sure to visit 101 Cookbooks, where Heidi Swanson has put together a post with additional tips for improving your food photos. For some examples of truly awe-inspiring food shots, you can do no better than Keiko's stunning blog nordljus.



There was also just a piece in the Chicago Tribune on the subject:,1,562700.story?ctrack=1&cset=true


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