Gelato Jealousy


With this sweltering heat, Californians have cold foods on the mind. The importance of local ice cream vendors has never been greater, but for those who are too damn hot to venture out, what better time to splurge on a New York treat? il Laboratorio del Gelato ships nationwide, and their ricotta, hazelnut and green apple flavors refresh particularly well. But this indulgence is only for those who don’t mind spending a pretty penny on their gelato -- four 18-ounce containers packed with the flavors of your choice will cost about a hundred bucks total. Available for online purchase at il Laboratorio del Gelato



That is funny. 100 bucks for 4 pints of gelato. You can buy Gelato Di Babbo at $4.99 a pint. It is all hand made Authentic gelato. Check out


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