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Victrola Coffee & Art

Organic, Fair Trade, and micro-roasted coffees are taking the caffeinated world by storm -- and finally getting their due in the press. Though Victrola Coffee & Art remains somewhat under the radar, it’s among the best, and if you’re in Seattle, experiencing fresh brews at their fab retro café is a must. But, there’s no need to remain an armchair coffee tourist. You can order online from Victrola, as well as from the nation’s most skilled roasters. For great virtual coffee tourism, check out Gimme! Coffee, Intelligentsia, La Colombe Torrefaction, and Groundwork Coffee Company. Victrola's Streamline Espresso (pictured here) will set you back $13 per pound.



I recently went to Seattle, visiting many coffee houses (I think i was constantly on a caffeine buzz the whole time I was there), but I particularly like my cup of "drip" at Victrola.

The diverse artworks hung around the cafe were a nice change from the homogenous decor of retail chain coffee shops.


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