Third Annual Central Park Flower Show


It's that time of year where I get up early and -- camera in hand -- take a meandering walk through Central Park on the way to work in an attempt to capture the riot of spring color. Luckily, I took these photos last Thursday morning, when the weather was still beautiful. Who knows how these flowering trees fared after this wet and windy weekend.

To view a slideshow, click on the link below:

»Third Annual Central Park Flower Show (slideshow)

Second Annual Central Park Flower Show
Spring's Bounty



Thanks for showing fabulous images of beautiful Spring flowers.

I'm surprised that nature still exists in such a big city.



The flowers is looks familiar,Can i know what is the name of that flower?



Excellent article above. May be you need more time to share all the knowledge that you have.


When I was in Asia, I remember those beautiful flower festivals there. It was an amazing experience with free fresh flowers on the street.


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