Goodbye Italy. Hello New York.

As we slowly adjust to our return home -- the temperature (muggy), the time (six hours behind), and the work (too much too soon), there are certain tastes, images, and sensations that still remain at the front of my head and the tip of my tongue.

Before they slip away permanently, I've put a few down.

  • Caffe espresso for under one euro.
  • White taxis.
  • Roadside panini at the Autogrill.
  • Fior di latte gelato.
  • Grandmas on bikes.
  • Grandmas on scooters.
  • Pitchers of steamed milk served with coffee at breakfast.
  • Wide fields of sunflowers in the Maremma.
  • Floating with barely any effort in the salty water off of Santa Margherita.
  • Easy access to caffe shakerato.
  • Quartinos of house wine for only two euros.
  • The recorded "arrivederci" called out from speakers at the autostrade toll booths.
  • Long, sunlit evenings.
  • Tiny cars.
  • Creamy pesto.
  • Chewy, twisted trofie.
  • Endless varieties of acqua minerale gassata.
  • Warm, fresh, and tender insalata di mare.

Over the next few weeks, expect an onslaught of photos and tales from our visit. Regular posting will resume on Monday.




Welcome back Josh! Can't wait to hear all about it.


Hi Josh,

Hope you had a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear all about your trip to Italy!


Great photo, Josh.


Welcome back Josh - I'm glad you had a great time!
I don't think I've seen grandmas on bikes/scooters in Italy, did you take pictures of them? :)


Thanks Cathy, Reid, and Eddie. Still poring over hundreds of photos, but will start posting soon . . .

Keiko, while grandmas on scooters were a little more rare (though we did see a woman almost get run over by one), grandmas on bikes were everywhere. Here's an example, replete with basket full of shopping bags:


Josh - thanks for the great shot, I think I'll have to go to Italy to find a grandma on scooter...


thanks admin for sharing this cool thing with us.


Italy is worth visiting. Venice, Rome and many others maybe near the Mediterranean Sea make you fall in love with the beauty simplicity and old.


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