What's Wrong with This Picture?


Could The Cheesecake Factory, that landmark of mall dining, be coming to New York City? If so, is the suburbanization of New York City now complete?

Every other major chain restaurant has opened at least one outlet here -- from the Olive Garden to Red Lobster, not to mention Bubba Gump's -- so it wasn't entirely shocking when I caught what I thought was construction of a Cheesecake Factory restaurant on Queens Boulevard at 41st Street.

CheesecakefactoryBut something was wrong with this picture. Shouldn't New York City's flagship Cheesecake Factory be opening somewhere like midtown Manhattan? This was an awfully strange and small location, wedged in next to a Burger King in Sunnyside, Queens.

I was fooled by the font.

It wasn't a Cheesecake Factory, my wife told me. Look again, she said. I did a doubletake and quickly realized the sign did not read Cheesecake Factory after all, but rather Cheese-s-t-e-a-k Factory.



That's pretty flagrant. A lawsuit is coming up I fear.


Maybe they got a really good deal on an old Cheesecake Factory sign and changed a few letters to save on start up costs. Nah. Sue 'em!


That sign will be down in about four seconds after the Cheesecake Factory people find out about it.

Regarding the "suburbanization" of NYC food choices, note that T.G.I. Friday's, the granddaddy of them all, started out as a NYC restaurant back in the 1960's. (Search Curbed for "Friday's") And from there we exported it to the rest of the country. So if the rest of the country is now sending us their chain restuarants, it's just karma, dude.


Shake Shack lemonade

Shake Shack: check your recipe - it says to remove the peel, being careful NOT to avoid the white pith. Huh? I am hoping this is a typo, else this will be some bitter, bitter lemonade:-)

However, if you know something I don't know about the pith, please inform me. Always eager to learn something new.....

[Ed. -- Comment refers not to this post, but to the following "Appetizer": http://tinyurl.com/bvrzy ]


Hi mama b.,

You weren't the only one to point that out, actually.

It turns out that was just a typo, which has since been corrected. So, keep on avoiding the pith, and your lemonade shall not be bitter.


Sometimes we see(hear) what we want to see(hear).


Another pissed off head chef being smart.
There are a bunch of em out the with the same recipes and half the price in better locations. But non with balls as big as who ever opened this one. LOL
Law Suit i highly doubt it. He wouldnt have spent all the money to have to give it back in a law suit.


Pizza is not healthy dish. Like shaorma, hamburger any many others pizza should be made at not any shop "restaurant wannabe".


This looks amazing to me. I like cheese steak way better than cheesecake!


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