2005 James Beard Foundation Awards


Following a year of financial and organizational tumult leading to the indictment of its president and the resignation of its board of trustees, the James Beard Foundation held its 15th annual awards ceremony honoring chefs, restaurateurs, and cookbooks authors on Monday, May 2 (a separate awards ceremony for journalists was held on Friday, April 29).

Taking top honors was chef Mario Batali, above, who was named "All-Clad Cookware Outstanding Chef." Danny Meyer, owner of the Union Square Hospitality Group, was named "Waterford Wedgewood Outstanding Restaurateur." The prize for "S. Pellegrino Outstanding Restaurant Award" went to New Orleans' Galatoire's restaurant. Locally, Andrew Carmellini of Cafe Boulud was named "American Express Best Chef: New York City."

The "KitchenAid Cookbook of the Year" award went to Rick Stein's Rick Stein's Complete Seafood. In the category of "Writing on Food," Gina Mallet won for her book, Last Chance to Eat.

Click here for a PDF listing all the winners in all categories.

Photo: James Beard Foundation.



Does anyone besides me HATE the commercialization of every single moment of life? The all-clad chef of the year, the prudential halftime moment, the twinkie play of the day or whatever. I don't know what companies think they are doing in cases like that. Branding the freaking chef of the year brings more ridicule in my mind than prestige.

But then again, I am a crank who thinks nothing is more gauche than carrying a handbag covered in its makers logo.


Didn't you link to all the writing nominees? I can't seem to find it. Could you re-post it? Thanks.


Suebob, it's a reasonable way for an organization to raise support (lots of them do this). However, I have to agree that it does become overwhelming when every category of every single award is preceded by a brand name.

Frolic, at the bottom of the post is a link to a PDF with all the winners. However, this page has links to the winners and all the nominees:



Sorry, I wasn't clear. I thought you had put up a page with links to the actual articles of the journalism nominees. Must have been somewhere else.


@Suebob: Yes I hate it to.. for exactly the same reasons.


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