Destination: Los Angeles


This week marks the return of Moveable Feast, The Food Section's occasional series on local food culture beyond New York City. Earlier installments of this recurring feature have taken this site to Saigon, Montreal, Florence, and Washington, DC. For the fifth edition of Moveable Feast, we turn our attention westward for an on-the-ground look at the gastronomy of Los Angeles.

Taking the editorial helm of The Food Section is Kristin Franklin, a recent culinary school graduate who relocated to Los Angeles this past fall. In addition to her formal education, Ms. Franklin’s training involved a two-year stint in the catering kitchen of Northern California’s Wente Vineyards, where she says she learned basic culinary technique and developed a deeper appreciation for fresh ingredients. When she’s not out exploring the gastronomical bounty of her new Southern California surroundings, Ms. Franklin can be found in the kitchen of West Hollywood’s O-Bar, where she works the sauté station. Between shifts, she writes about food and cooking for Babblog, a group blog.

As she prepares the mis en place for her Moveable Feast, Ms. Franklin says demurely, “I just hope I can do justice to the vast and amazing L.A. food scene!”

N.B. While Ms. Franklin steers the ship, Appetizers, the links to your right, will continue to be updated daily. However, Agenda, the weekly listing of food events, will be on a one week hiatus, returning next week.



Looking for a recipe printed and re-printed many years ago in LA Times Food Section for: Broccoli-Chicken from "Talia's Italian Restaurant in Manhattan Beach, California.

Thanks, Sandy


I found a farm in Ventura CA that grows and ships direct from their farm to anywhere in the US. The fruit is huge compared to what you get in the stores and you get it for less than wholesale. I hope this helps the gourmets out there. Oh - the name of the farm is White Dove Farm. Their URL is I think they also sell cherimoya.


Oh yeah, and John Koman is the owner of the White Dove Farm!


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