Shopping List: Gastronomical Gambling

DinersdeckThe Diner's Deck is a collection of restaurant coupons with the fit and feel of a deck of playing cards. Each of the 52 cards, redeemable at a participating New York City restaurant, contains a description of the venue and a coupon for $10 off. The Manhattan-centric decks come in three neighborhood flavors: Midtown, Downtown East, and Downtown West (Uptown and Brooklyn versions are in the works for 2006). Like any coupon collection, the decks are a gamble. Use three cards, and you'll break even. Use every card in the deck, and it's a $490 value. But, let the cards collect dust for a year like that stack of Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons you've been saving, and, well, you lose.

The Diner's Deck is $29.95 from



This sounds like a great idea. Any idea how these restaurants get selected to be in the deck? Are they invited by a food critic?
Looking forward to see what is in the Brooklyn deck in '06.


I have a deck myself and talked to one of the co-founders at a street fair. Apparently all restaurants are hand selected based on food quality, reputation, price, and ambience- all the key factors I take into account when selecting a restaurant. I've been to quite a few and have enjoyed all of them. Definitely helped me find great new places to eat when I have the craving to eat out. And I save $10! dell inspiron 1420 battery ,


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