Chasin' the Bird 2004, Part II: Thanksgiving Pairings by the Press

The challenges involved in cooking Thanksgiving dinner -- with its myriad courses and multiple guests -- may only be matched by the conundrum of selecting an appropriate wine. White or red? Dry or sweet? Domestic or international? Stressed out oenophiles across the United States may end up giving thanks that the meal is eaten only once yearly.

But is it all that complicated? In the first part of this two-part post, we heard from wine bloggers about their recommendations for Thanksgiving wine pairings. Their picks ran from South African chenin blanc to Spanish tempranillo, with suggestions that smartly took into account the fact that the meal in question is not just turkey, but a hodge podge of sweet and savory side dishes.

For Part II, I have rounded up links to articles on Thanksgiving wines which have recently appeared on the Web sites of major food media outlets. The usually suspects -- pinot noir, German riesling -- seemed to crop up everywhere, but some unique options were offered as well. The New York Times tasting panel highlighted Iron Horse Cuvee R, a tart sauvignon blanc with 15 percent viognier. The Los Angeles Times focused exclusively on Beaujolais crus, not to be confused with Beaujolais Nouveaux (though made from the same Gamay grape), calling them "the perfect match for the flavor free-for-all that is the Thanksgiving feast." For its part, epicurious provided recommendations for beer pairings to last the entire meal -- from appetizers (malty lager) to dessert (English brown ale).

Follow the links below to read all of the articles:

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