Big Apple Barbe-queue


Twenty-sixth Street between 5th and Madison Avenues was blocked off this past weekend for the 2nd Annual Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. Seven of the nation's top pitmasters were on hand, cooking up everything from pig snoot sandwiches to baby back ribs.

There's no misspelling in the title of this post -- the event attracted such huge crowds and the lines were so outrageously long that we didn't taste anything. We went on Sunday afternoon and quickly gave up when it looked like there was no hope for us. In fact, after a consolation lunch at nearby Mayrose (even Danny Meyer's Shake Shack was not ready for prime time), we passed back through Madison Square Park and saw that the organizers had actually stopped selling coupons (to redeem for food) at 3:00 p.m. due to the large turnout.

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What a C-F that was! Totally disapointed in the Meyer Organization (or should I say Dis-Organization) over the running of this event. With all the publicity attached to this, they should have known the crowds would be outta hand and planned a little better. All lines lead to nowhere; Never got to taste a thing! Thank God I was able to unload my tickets or I really would have been pissed! Never Again!


Digestible News blogged on this, too. He wasn't all that impressed.


Really disappointing. My boyfriend and I waited in one long line for tickets, then an even longer line for a tiny cardboard tray of brisket... and mine was almost all cubes of fat.

I think I'll stick to my parents' occasional care packages from Dreamland BBQ.


I guess you have never had Brisket before, because that stuff Rocked!!!!
Fat is flavor especially when it comes to BBQ...stick to Dreamland you deserve it....
FYI not all BBQ is pork


Actually, Mr. Brisket, I make a pretty darn good barbecued beef brisket myself... I have been for years. And I am WELL aware that not all BBQ is pork. dell latitude cs battery ,


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