This Is the Storekeeper


A poster produced by the Federal Art Project about retail food markets, merchants, and healthy eating (1936 or 1937). From the Work Projects Administration Poster Collection at the Library of Congress.



He looks shifty!


looks like a kindergarden poster.

should check out the guinness posters from all around the world. my parents saw it in dublin, ireland. they got a pic of a poster from sarawak from the 80s! it's a lady in traditional garb carrying a pint of guinness with gawai greets. gawai is the native end-of-harvest festival celebrated on 1-2 June. During that time, everyone gets knock out by moonshine. :)


Ben, he does look a little shifty. I like the design, though.

Wena, funny you mention that Guiness poster today, on St. Patrick's Day! It's sort of like Gawai, except substitute Guiness for moonshine. dell 9400 battery ,


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