The "Flogging" of Gourmet


Hot off the presses, the April issue of Gourmet magazine features an article about food blogs, dubbed "flogs" by the author (here's hoping this term doesn't stick!). The round-up of food Web sites includes The Food Section, The Radical Chef, Chocolate & Zucchini, MeatHenge, Bourrez Visage, and eGullet.

Regarding The Food Section, the article comments:

With its simple, elegant design, thoughtful postings, and comprehensive links, The Food Section is the consummate gastronomic blog. Solo operator Josh Friedland cooks up the essential elements while avoiding the amateur pitfall of unregulated self-absorption.

Oh well, I guess I hit a pitfall with this navel-gazing post!

Congratulations to all of the food blogs recognized in this article!



Congratulations. Your site is a tremendous resource, and you've definitely earned the right to indulge in a little navel-gazing. (This coming from an unabashedly self-absorbed food blogger.) Well done!


You certainly have one of the most information dense sites around, and I admire it. You deserved the mention.

If we keep the "flog" term and write about the chevalines in France will that be "Flogging a dead horse?"


Congratulations, Josh! Excellent - you deserve the recognition!


Congrats...I've only recently found your site and it has inspired me to start my own flog (I hate the name too)...LENNDEVOURS


Congratulations Josh!


Unregulated self-absorption? It's how I survive! Being a Leo and all.


i was so pleased to have come across your delightful blog. keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping us in the loop about weekly food events.


Excellent! Congratulations for your well deserved publicity.


Congratulations Josh, that's pretty awesome news. Nice to see that all the hard work you put into your site is being recognized. I too hope that "flog" doesn't become the new catch phrase. Cheers!


Wow! Thanks to all of you for your kind words, and, of course, thank you for reading my site!

I'm glad to see we're all in agreement that the term "flog" deserves a serious flogging.


WOW!!! Congrats again!!!


A toast! Cheers.


well done josh! :)

how about scanning the article for us to have a read? :) don't think i can get a copy of the gourmet magazine here. :(


Thank you, Teresa, Radical Chef (congrats to you as well!), and Wena. Clotilde has actually posted a scan of the article on her site:


congratulations, Josh! very well-deserved recognition. : )


Thanks, Renee!




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