Runner-Up: Tartine with Raspberries, Mascarpone, and Honey


Before settling on the Tartine with Bacon, Avocado, and Mâche as The Food Section official entry in Is My Blog Burning? The Tartine Edition, the test kitchen also experimented with a sweet tartine based on a recipe from Viana La Place's Panini, Bruschetta, Crostini: Sandwiches, Italian Style for bruschetta topped with mascarpone, raspberries, and honey.

To make the tartine, lightly butter and grill a slice of round country bread, let cool slightly, and spread with a layer of sweet and creamy mascarpone. Top with fresh raspberries and drizzle with honey.

The combination of warm and crunchy bread, fresh mascarpone, and sweet berries made for a fantastic breakfast (and a solid runner-up).

n.b.: This tartine could probably be repeated as a (healthier and lighter) regular breakfast by skipping the butter and spreading the grilled bread with a thinner layer of mascarpone.



that looks great. do you really grill the bread on a grill or in a panini press (doesn't that squish the bread?) or do you just toast in a toaster oven?


Josh, I did happen to use a panini press, but I didn't apply any pressure so it didn't get flattened.

You could definitely use a toaster, particularly if you skip the butter, and it would come out perfectly fine. The butter is more or less unnecessary. It's actually not part of the recipe, but nearly every recipe in Nancy Silverton's Sandwich Book calls for this step, so I tried it.

If you were to lightly butter the bread though, for this or for any sandwich where the bread is to be buttered and grilled, I think the best alternative to a panini grill would be to just butter the bread and then fry it in a pan. I think in a toaster oven, the butter would just melt and the center would get soggy.


Oh wow, that looks good! But of course, I'm partial to anything that has fresh raspberries in it. Or honey. :)


Wonderluscious, Josh! While main dish tartines are served in a lot of (laid-back) restaurants in Paris, I've never seen a dessert tartine on a menu. I find the idea great, simple and comforting, though, you're on to something here!


Ladygoat, it did turn out delicious. It's sort of like an instant version of a fresh raspberry tart (with mascarpone instead of pastry cream, and bread instead of a crust).

Clotilde, Wonderluscious!? I'll have to add that to my vocabularly. I wish I could take credit for the tartine, but it came directly from the Viana La Place book (though I did make the translation from bruschetta to tartine). She has another recipe for a sweet one with (drained) ricotta and figs which also sounds good. These could be for dessert, but I also think they make for great breakfast treats.


does it make you feel odd to address someone as ladygoat?


Are you trying to dis' my girl 'goat?! Don't go there . . .

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