Westward Ho!


On the heels of Casa Mono and Bar Jamon, yet another new restaurant appears to be in the works for Mario Batali and company. Buried in this interview with Mr. Batali conducted by Bruce (not of Saute Wednesday) Cole, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, is the following mention of a planned westward expansion of the Batali empire to a location at 10th Avenue and 16th Street:

Cole: What's next after this cookbook and Mono?
Batali: We're going to do a restaurant on the west side, on Tenth Avenue and Sixteenth Street, that will be our ode to classic Italian cooking. It won't be modern. It won't be hip. It won't be a specific region. It will be classic Italian cooking done in a very comfortable environment in a room with a forty-foot ceiling.

[Link via eGullet]

Map: Mapquest.



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