Is Vinegar Alcoholic

Science: Is vinegar alcoholic?


Fresh Peas

Freshpeas2 Ingredient: In praise of fresh English shelling peas, including four different ways of preparing them.


Chinese Restaurant History

History: Author Gish Jen on the history of Chinese restaurants in America, "from stir-fried buffalo to Matzoh Foo Young."


Howard Johnson's, Adieu

Op-Ed: Chef Jacques Pépin laments the impending disappearance of Howard Johnson's restaurants.


Bacon Bandaids

Bacon2 Shopping List: Patch up your next kitchen wound with these bacon bandaids. Not Kosher for Passover. Via unbeige.


Supermarkets As Booksellers

Business: The New York Times reports that supermarkets "are the new frontier of book selling. . . . adapting the techniques that move large amounts of Velveeta and Count Chocula and applying them to Nora Roberts and John Grisham."


Wrapper's Delight

Technique: In the Washington Post, Robert L. Wolke presents a primer on the myriad virtues of and uses for wraps.


Salt Smackdown

MaldonTaste Test: With its "giant pyramid-shaped flakes," Maldon sea salt wins top honors in Slate's salt smackdown: "One taster expounded, 'Lovely! Looks like dandruff but tastes like food. It's a salty snack on its own.'"


Cheese Ascendant

Trends: The New York Times reports on the ascendance of cheese as New York's gastronomical obsession of the moment.


Chefs Shill

Business: The Wall Street Journal explores the world of celebrity chefs who shill. Via sw.